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  1. The Effects of Bullying - Have you ever been told you’re ugly? If you answer yes, then definitely you’re not alone. When I was young, my classmates used to bully and call me “pig” because of my size. I’m used to hearing reactions such us “ewww”, “yuck”, “kadiri” (gross) and other similar name-callings just because of my looks, my outfit, … Continue reading The Effects of Bullying
  2. What Makes a Real Man? - It has been a month since my last post here. How are you friends and fellow bloggers? I have been very busy last September so I could not even make a single post (laugh). Reflecting from the things I have learned last month, however, motivated me to write a blog about being a real man. … Continue reading What Makes a Real Man?
  3. Why I Chose Teaching ESL Online - “Teacher!” The word “teacher”, how does it sound like to you? What makes a good teacher? And why did I choose to teach ESL online? Many think teachers aren’t making a lot of money for themselves. Maybe it’s true especially in actual schools. Nowadays, however, things have changed for online ESL teachers. I will not discuss … Continue reading Why I Chose Teaching ESL Online
  4. My Top 10 Motivational Movies - There are many movies out there which can have lasting impact in our lives. I listed down here my own version of “Top 10 Motivational Movies” of all time. In case you haven’t watched some of these films, don’t worry. No spoilers.   10. Cast Away – (Tom Hanks) I find this movie not only … Continue reading My Top 10 Motivational Movies
  5. Repost: White Colors (Novel) - Hello guys! Kindly check my Filipino (Tagalog) novel posted on wattpad.com entitled “White Colors”. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you. Read the story by tapping the link here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/82423062-white-colors