Have you ever been told you’re ugly? If you answer yes, then definitely you’re not alone. When I was young, my classmates used to bully and call me “pig” because of my size. I’m used to hearing reactions such us “ewww”, “yuck”, “kadiri” (gross) and other similar name-callings just because of my looks, my outfit, the way I speak, my laughs, beliefs, and almost everything about me.

The Harmful Effects

These all happened when I was in my late grade school years and it continued until I was in junior high school. I tell you, it was really degrading. The result was I became secretive to my parents and also timid. I find it hard to express myself to anybody. I had a very low self-esteem. And so I became depressed. When I was in junior high I began experiencing panic/anxiety attacks whichever you call it. Without any reasons, I felt very nervous. Palpitations and difficulty breathing were common. I’m not sure if these were the possible effects of bullying though. But these added insult to the injury. I mean I was already timid at that time being an only child.

What We Can Do








Bullying happens everywhere, in school, on the streets, and even online. In the Philippines alone, one out of two Filipino children have witnessed violence or abused in school according to a survey conducted a few years ago.

To all the victims of bullying and other types of abuse out there, remember this: Our past does not determine our future or our identity. Let’s just keep moving forward. Think of the past as a teacher whether it was good or bad. Keep in mind that there were bad teachers when we were studying in school and we learned something from them at least. The fact that they showed us how to be bad teachers helped us not to imitate the way they do things. It’s also the same with our bad memories of the past. Just view them as our bad teachers, bad examples, and the bad influences! And what should you do when you knew someone is a bad friend? You would stay away from that so called friend. Bad memories are bad friends! They drain our energy and take away our happiness. So stop living with someone who doesn’t care about your feelings. In other words, stop living in the past. Today is a new day. Tomorrow is another day. Just keep moving forward.


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