It has been a month since my last post here. How are you friends and fellow bloggers? I have been very busy last September so I could not even make a single post (laugh).

Reflecting from the things I have learned last month, however, motivated me to write a blog about being a real man. To many, their common stereotype of a real man is someone who has the machismo appearance, being dominant and superman, the knight in shining armor for any girls. On the other hand, if you are modest in your speech while showing weakness in making decisions, you are viewed as “soft”. But what does it take to be a REAL man?

Essence of a True Man

For me, a real man is someone who does not decide on impulse. He is reliable and takes responsibility for his actions whether the outcome is good or bad. A real man could be childlike but definitely not childish. He is well-organized, does not procrastinate, and balanced. He is committed to a relationship and respects others, especially women.

If married, he’s someone who leads his household lovingly and protects his family as his own self from harm. Not self-centered and ruled by emotions but is self-sacrificing and can control his emotions. Doesn’t turn to violence and would respect others’ opinions though different from his. A real man is true to himself, honest, and loyal – characteristics a guy could not fake. In fact, you can fake your speech or emotion, but there’s definitely no put on for being faithful.

Finally, a real man may fall hard but would always find a way to get up and set things straight. It is also not true that a real man does not fear anything. A real man fears his Creator – God. He fears for the people he loves too but is not afraid to admit his mistake. Actually, one of the main characteristics of a real man is humility.

Are You a Real Man?

If you answered “yes”, then congratulations! Otherwise, there is always a room for improvement. What about me? I can say that there’s always a room for improvement too (sigh and laugh). But admitting our flaws is a sign of maturity and that is good! So still, let’s congratulate ourselves for that.

Have a good day true man!


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