There are many movies out there which can have lasting impact in our lives. I listed down here my own version of “Top 10 Motivational Movies” of all time. In case you haven’t watched some of these films, don’t worry. No spoilers.


10. Cast Away – (Tom Hanks)

I find this movie not only entertaining but highly motivational. It is about not losing hope and never giving up.

9. The Truman Show – (Jim Carrey)

I think this inspired some of the “unreal” reality shows on TV like the “Big Brother”.

8. Take the Lead – (Antonio Banderas)

If you are passionate about dancing and teaching, I highly recommend this video.

7. Coach Carter – (Samuel L. Jackson)

Being a basketball coach doesn’t only mean you focus on winning. You also need to help your players win the game of life. Be their life coach. This is what “Coach Carter” movie all about.

6. A Millionaire’s First Love – (Korean Movie)

A movie like “A Walk to Remember” is also an honorable mention that we can compare to this Korean movie. We call them tear-jerkers.

5. My Sassy Girl – (Korean Movie)

This is one of my favorite Korean movies of all time. And I’m talking about the first one. The sequel is a disaster.

4. Like Stars on Earth / Every Child is Special – (Amir Khan)

One of the best Bollywood films I have watched so far. It will motivate parents and teachers to be patient with their kids and students.

3. A Beautiful Mind – (Russell Crowe)

Inspired by the real life story of the Math genius John Nash.

2. 3 Idiots – (Amir Khan)

Another Bollywood film starring Amir Khan. This movie has one of the best plots made outside Hollywood. Looking for something inspirational? Then this is the right one for you.


1. The Last Holiday – (Queen Latifah)

Want some positivity? Watch this movie.


You may also have your own list of Top 10 Motivational Movies which have tremendous impact in your life. You can share your list by commenting below.


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