In my previous post How to Make a Website (opens in new tab), I discussed how you can make a website, the basics and the skills for successful web designing. In my other post , I described the differences between a blogger and a journalist. In this post, I will teach you the basics of making and maintaining a blog.

First, let us define what a blog is. According to one of my favorite online dictionaries, a blog is “a website on which one person or group puts new information regularly, often every day.” It is also called a “weblog”.

A Short History


It began when internet users of the 90’s published their online-journals and diaries on the World Wide Web. One notable example of this is Justin Hall with his website in 1994. It is really amazing how his blog is still up and running up to this day. As you can see, the design of websites before has tremendously evolved and are still improving.

What Do I Need to Start a Blog?

Like what I have discussed in my previous tutorial in making a website, you need to have a web host for your blog or you may want to self host it. In my case, I’m currently using WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging as the process and options are simple and easy to understand even for beginners. vs

When you want to self host your blog, use the open source program. However, this option is better for advanced users. Your program might have been integrated in the cpanel of your web host or download the latest version of it from here ( then install it on your web host.

The simpler way, though, is to host your blog for free on There are important things to note, however, if you choose this option. One is that, you cannot use third-party advertising solutions like Google Adsense. In other words, there are certain limitations when it comes to monetizing your blog. But you can still have the option to make an upgrade in the future or move your blog into another web host and self host it without these limitations.

Let’s just assume that you only want to try it out because you’re new to blogging. In this case, we will use

Blogging with

  1. Sign up for free. Open
  2. Choose a category.
  3. Choose an over-all design.
  4. Choose from hundreds of themes available on the list. (Note: Some themes are not free)
  5. Choose a domain name. You can either transfer and map your own domain name or register a new one. If you opt for a free blog, just use the subdomain option. (e.g.
  6. Select a plan. As you can see on the page, there are other plans you can choose from. But let’s assume you would like to start with a free plan.
  7. Now, you need to enter basic information like your email address, your chosen wordpress username and password. Pretty much like signing up with Facebook.
  8. Confirm it by logging in to your email. That’s it. You already have a new blog site.

How to Make Your First Ever Blog Post?

  1. Log in >> here <<
  2. Enter your registered username and your password on wordpress.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, click “My Site” at the top left part of the page.
  4. On the left column of the page, you can see the link “Blog Posts”. Click the “Add” button next to it.
  5. You will then see the area wherein you can enter the title of your blog post, the option on the left to add featured image or theme, and the text area where you can type all the information you want to include on your blog post. Study the options and you won’t get lost anymore.
  6. (This is optional) You can make a new category for your post by clicking “Categories & Tags” on the left, then choose “ADD NEW CATEGORY” below it. If you don’t, your new post will be added to the “Uncategorized” category by default.
  7. After you’ve finished encoding and editing your post, click “Publish” on the right.
  8. Check out your post by opening the URL or your blog address (e.g.

Congratulations! You have made your first ever blog post!

Don’t forget to inform your friends about your blog. You may also follow other blogs in order to enhance your understanding in blogging.


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