You have been blogging for a while now. You think it is a bit too late to realize that your passion comes from writing wide varieties of subjects. “I should have started blogging earlier,” you may have thought to yourself. But you are also wondering whether you really are a blogger, a journalist, or but a frustrated writer. Here are some of the key differences between a blogger and a journalist.

Being a Journalist


Of course, anyone can be a blogger but being a journalist involves taking Bachelors Degree in Journalism. A journalist works and writes for a company. He writes about recent news, may express his opinion in an editorial, may censor his own works before his editor reviews his, may be a photojournalist or working with a photographer or cameraman. His company pays him for it. One of the pros of being a journalist is he gets to interview celebrities and powerful politicians (or is it really an advantage?). He might also get a chance to be seen on TV as a reporter or broadcaster.

Some might ask “Can I be rich being a journalist?” The popular answer to this question is “no”. However, many might be surprised to learn that some journalists are making large amount of money for being one. You may check out the list of journalists having a net worth of at least $500,000 from here (opens in a new tab). As you may have noticed, most of them are working for television companies as presenters, weather forecasters, sports writers, or documentary filmmakers. Of course, not all journalists become TV presenters. Thus, not so many journalists become rich.

It is interesting to note, however, that some journalists have turned into blogging. What does it exactly mean to be a blogger though? A blogger extends to what we may call as “Mr. Edibiz Wordsmith”.

Introducing Mr. Edibiz Wordsmith!


I coined this name from the noun “wordsmith” which means “someone who is skilled with using words, especially in writing.” Therefore, ”Mr. Edibiz Wordsmith”  means a blogger who writes about a particular subject, self-censor his works as an editor , he may also be his own photographer, writes like a columnist does, makes a story and try to market its content online to monetize it.

Blogging has become extremely popular tool for individuals with different interests and aims. Anyone who would like to express political views or commentaries, a traveler who likes to share his memorable photos on his travel blog, businessmen who are looking to boost their companies’ sales or someone who would like to monetize the content of his website by joining CPC (PPC) programs, are maximizing the use of blogging. In fact, some bloggers earn thousands of dollars monthly just by blogging. Michael Arrington, for example, is earning around $800,000 per month! Click here (opens in a new tab) to view the top 10 richest bloggers of 2015.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, you may want to learn the steps in making your own. I will make simple tutorials on how to make a website and blogs and will post them in the future. I highly recommend WordPress platform when you want to have a fresh, clean looking website with easy navigation and excellent technical support.


Journalists and bloggers alike play important roles in the information explosion of the 21st century. Readers have the right to know the facts and read unbiased news. That is why journalists and bloggers need to verify their sources first when publishing their works both in prints and online. I often hear the phrase “responsible journalism” on TV. Well, I think bloggers need to be responsible as well. So let’s make the phrase “responsible blogging and journalism”. Never allow self-righteousness, greed, and fear ruin your credibility and ideas.  Be responsible enough for whatever materials you publish and maintain your integrity. Avoid the trap of sensationalism just to gain more website traffic or, when it comes to traditional media, popularity. Together, let us use our fingertips in making others’ lives better.



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