Recently, many were shocked after watching a viral video on social media showing a “corporate coach” spanking employees in public due to their “poor performance”.  And there is news about a certain festival in which attendees often eat dog meat. What’s the common denominator? It all happened in China. These controversies sparked debates among netizens.

If you’re a Filipino, it is generally known, or you may have at least heard the South China Sea (aka West Philippine Sea) dispute. I’ve read a lot of hate comments on social media between Chinese and Filipinos both being racists to one another. Basketball is not an exemption either. When the Philippine basketball team (Gilas Pilipinas) went up against China basketball team in the finals of 2015 FIBA Men’s Asia Championship, many claimed the game was rigged in favor of the home team. Afterward, racist comments bombarded the social media both from Chinese and Filipinos calling each other derogatory names.

We are living in an era when racism and stereotyping become a norm and prejudice is eminent. One of the saddest parts, though, is that the news media organizations would make things worse by giving us incomplete, if not twisted information, which would favor their political views. Do these mean we can no longer apply what we preach – to love our neighbors?

Why Love Our Neighbors

If you’re a genuine Christian, it doesn’t matter where you live or what your race is. Be it Chinese, Filipino, American, or German, we are all humans. Thinking your country is superior to the others is a shame and folly. Each country has its own positive and negative sides. Even residents of a particular country aren’t all the same individuals. We can’t trust common stereotypes as stereotyping often leads to prejudice and racism. If we would like to live a life like what Jesus Christ had on earth, let’s stop condemning other people just because of their nationality, their looks or the color of their skin and the way they speak.

Not all Chinese eat dog meat; many of them are advocates for animal welfare. Not all Chinese are rude and greedy; many of them are polite, hospitable and humble. Stop generalizing. Let’s stop this stupidity.


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